Pinky Games Answer Key

pinky issue 1 games section answer key

pg. 46/47 shit: 6 glasses, 3 slices of watermelon, 2 fans, clementine, lime, book

pg. 51 differences: missing necklace, extra chair, $1 turned into $5, carb on bong pink to blue, socks white to black

pg. 52 differences: person in back moved, rose from pink to yellow, "family-sized" label removed from cheez-its box, tote bag graphic changed to "girls," clogs black to purple

pg. 53 differences: first digit in phone number changed, extra line on graffiti, extra copy of the L-word, glasses from square to round, water bottle green to blue

pg. 54 differences: letter on water bottle changed, dorito bag color changed, wrapper behind aloe edited out, lighter wrapper changed to hello kitty, nail changed from blue to green