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pinky issue 1

pinky issue 1

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pinky is the official @girlscarryingshit magazine! 64 interactive pages centering non-men and the things that interest us including:

  • what is a girl? a starting point for exploring your identity outside of the male gaze, based on interviews with nonbinary, trans, & otherwise gender nonconforming people
  • girls trip! ego death is no longer reserved for straight, cisgender white men. learn the facts about mushrooms then read 3 anecdotes from girls about tripping, illustrated by brooklyn crawford
  • throw what you know a quiz that tells you which finger you are & what that says about you by natalie miller, halle robbe, & victoria vecchio
  • coloring pages drawn by izzy raye
  • spot the difference featuring "you" (real submissions from our instagram)!
  • girl stuff movie, tv, book, & video game recs "for girls"
  • & more...!

$5 of profits from each copy sold will be held in a mutual aid fund & distributed to non-men going through crises and/or experiencing major life changes.

games answer key here.

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